Wednesday, August 4, 2010

An Apposition

You may be wondering why the use of the word apposition. Webster's Third New International Dictionary defines the word apposition as follows:

"Apposition - 3: The state of being in juxtaposition or proximity"

On this blog "Science and Theology in Apposition" (STA for short) I will be opining on many topics related to both science and theology. I hold degrees in both areas and hope to offer you a unique perspective about such matters. Many think that science is in opposition to theology, no I tell you! Apposition not opposition, complementarity not exclusivity, I hope to demonstrate that one can both be a scientist and a theologian. Not to compromise on one or the other but to allow both to work out their relationships, hopefully without adulteration or ambiguity. I generally will not set out to bring you lengthy discourses on how a matter can be viewed as "either, or", "neither, nor", "on the hand of science, or theology"  but to bring you missives related to discoveries made from both ends. I hope you will be entertained, invigorated, expanded, uplifted, educated, edified and challenged. If nothing else, you can see life through the eyes of a chemistry doctoral candidate who is also pursuing a masters in biblical studies. Hope to see you down the road! 


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