Tuesday, October 26, 2010

ESV Study Bible Review

Well, the time has finally come for me to put together a hands-on review of the ESV study bible. That's just what I did! I think a video review such as this really helps when deciding if you really want to spend the extra cash to get one or not. I have tried to cover all the features of this study bible and to show you almost everything that is contained inside.

It took a lot of time to cover the ESV study bible in this amount of detail, but I hope you truly get a feel for this work. It always is very important for me to get a hands-on feel for a book before I am comfortable putting a chunk of money down for it. Sorry for the length but I have tried to split it into three manageable parts.

I hope to put up some more comments/pictures of the ESV study bible soon as well. I plan on making many more study bible video reviews including a comparison video or two. For now, enjoy the videos!

You can also check out my video review of the HCSB study bible here if you please.

ESV Study Bible Review - Part One

ESV Study Bible Review - Part Two

ESV Study Bible Review - Part Three

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  1. Hi Philip

    I have not been following your blog as closely as maybe I should, so I have only noticed that your review of the ESV Study Bible had been posted today.

    Firstly thanks for spending the time on this, 45mins of video must be a record for a bible review.

    I am fairly new to the ESV and only really started to use it because a bible study class that attend uses the ESV. Strangely we own the same versions of the ESV study bible. I bought the Truetone Forest/Tan version first. I bought it via Amazon without having seen it in a bookstore. I don’t like how the cover feels, feels a bit like plastic. Of course the cover does not change the content in anyway, but I know that if I don’t like the image on the cover or the feel of the cover I won’t use it. I also managed to scratch the back cover within a few days.

    I then bought the standard hardback version. Just two complaints with it (well one really), needs a ribbon book marker and also I don’t think I will ever understand dust jackets. They don’t stay in place and at least with me seam to get damaged very quickly. Of course you can just take it off and in this case the backing of the bible looks the same.

    The pages lack the colour of the HCSB but I like the way the text is set out as near full page width with the cross reference information near the spine rather than in the centre of the page. I agree the maps are better in the ESV than the HCSB, the pages of the ESV do however look a bit dull.

    The way I use a study bible is that I will read the bible text, some or all of the study notes. I use the cross referencing and the maps. Its rare for me to read the introductions and the essays. Your review has highlighted content that is included in the ESV Study Bible that I was not aware was there. (So thank you, I now have a list of things I want to read)

    What Study Bible will you review next??