Wednesday, October 6, 2010

HCSB Study Bible Review

So I just received my HCSB study bible in the mail and wanted to share. I made this video (first video ever) of the HCSB study bible. I hope you enjoy.

Holman has included a website that includes the HCSB study bible at:
For some great information about the HCSB translation see the This Lamp blog here.

I posted some photos and other remarks about the HCSB study bible here.


  1. Hi
    Just wanted to say that I watched your review of the HCSB Study Bible and to thank you for spending the time on it. I own one and like it as it sort of makes me want to read it. (I left a comment on Youtube so I won't repeat my self. Hope you do more of these.


  2. Thanks Alex! I am sorry the resolution came out so poorly. I will try to make it better quality. I plan to do more study bible reviews in the future. That is a good point you make. The layout/graphic design of the HCSB study bible does encourage one to crack it open more often than some others. Good use of colors with the verse numbers and cross-references in blue; the alternate wordings in gold. The pages came out very clean and do make one want to spend more time with it. I think the pages are thicker than in the other popular study bible which is why it came out just as think as the ESV. I think the HCSB study bible is currently the best bible that uses the HCSB translation. It also happens to be the first HCSB I own!
    Anyway, thanks again Alex! Hope you enjoy the blog.

  3. I like the video. Would like to see an ESV Study bible video. I found you by an Amazon book review. I will save your site and come back again. By the way, I went to ISU too. God bless...

  4. Glad you enjoyed it Greg. Also, good to hear from a fellow IAstater. If you click on the "Book Reviews" link in the top bar you will find my "ESV Study Bible Review" I made three ~15 min. videos covering almost everything it has to offer. Thanks again!