Monday, October 18, 2010

Photos of the HCSB Study Bible

So I provided a quick hands-on video of the new HCSB Study Bible and I thought I would include some pictures of it here for you enjoyment. The only thing I can't add is the newly published smell!

Here are a couple of things I forgot to mention in the video post about the HCSB Study Bible. A few people have asked about these things and so I thought I would include them here.
- It does not include the words of Jesus in red
- The hardback edition does come with a nice brownish-purple ribbon marker unlike the hardcover ESV study bible and NLT study bible.
- I think the HCSB study bible does have a freshness about it because of its color scheme. It kind of makes you want to spend more time with it. The gold bar really complements the blue verse numbers.
- The book introductions in the HCSB study bible are much shorter than those in the ESV study bible. They cover the basics and a little more detail here and there but are not early as exhaustive and lengthy as the ones in the ESV study bible.
- The HCSB study bible is not much smaller or lighter than the ESV study bible or another other study bible for that matter. I think they decided to not include a number of articles at the end to cut back on the number of pages the HCSB study bible had, yet still did not accomplish the feat of making it significantly smaller than the ESV study bible. I think the HCSB study bible has thicker pages as well making it slightly more bulky than had been planed. On another note, the ESV study bible is going to be released in a "personal size" in early 2011. It seems that they have cut most of the "extraneous" articles out of the study bible yet still include all the study notes. It appears to come in a number of designs and is sure to satisfy those who think the original ESV study bible is to huge to carry.

Click on these photos to make them larger
Notice the "ribbed" appearance of the left page.
That is because "Joshua's Citites of Conquest" is behind it.

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