Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Conversation With God - Book Review

I recently received a copy of this book from Thomas Nelson Publishers. I was originally attracted to this book because it appeals to the average person. If you were to walk by this book in the bookstore you might stop and crack this one open just to see if your nagging question is addressed therein.

There are 55 questions that are addressed on different topics. The topics are: God, Bible, The Future, Pain and Suffering, Jesus, Kingdom of God, Heaven and Hell, Humanity, Christian Living, and Today's World. Each of these topics has at least five questions which are addressed.

So the answer given to the questions are not just quotations from the Bible. While this makes this type of book very risky to write, it turns out pretty well. The author runs the risk of speaking for God. Not a charge that he should take lightly. He pulls it off! He pulls it off by offering answers to the different questions not only from "God" but also from other biblical figures. You will see Paul, Jesus, Job, Jonah, Joshua, Lazarus, Moses etc. show up to help answer the questions as well. This make this book more like a conversation than just a Q and A book.

So, what about the theology? From what I can tell it is Evangelical. Not Calvinistic, but straightforward. The answers seem pretty good actually! Sometime the long route is taken to get to the root of the issue. That way the background can be set for a correct understanding of the answer. I am very pleased with this book overall. If you have a friend who asks a lot of questions, consider this book.

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