Book Reviews

I thought it might be useful to compile links to all the different book reviews both from this blog and others. I hope this will help keep them organized and make them easy for us to access.

Bible Reviews

The following are reviews for these study Bibles in particular. Not reviews of the actual Bible translations.

ESV Study Bible - An in depth look into the ESV study bible including three ~15 min. videos showing nearly every feature of this study bible.

HCSB Study Bible - Part one includes a video looking through the pages of this study bible and Part two shows some high quality photos of it.

Here are a few links from other blogs regarding bible translations.

From the "This Lamp" blog by Rick Mansfield

Top Ten Bible Versions 2006/2007 List
Top Ten Bible Versions 2010 List

From the Parableman blog by Jeremy Pierce. This blog post covers translation philosophies and discusses particular translations therein.

Review of Bible Translations

Non-Fiction Books

Crazy Love by Francis Chan & Danae Yankoski - I give an overview of this book and discuss some of the controversy this book has generated.

How to Read a Book by Mortimer Adler - You may have guessed the main thrust of this book . . . I spend some time discussing how Adler thinks we should approach a book.

On This Day in Christian History by Robert Morgan - A devotional style book with 365 stories from Christian history that occurred each day of the year.


Here are some links to great commentary reviews. I did not write these, but I use them so often that I wanted to include a link here for my convenience and yours. These come from the Parableman blog by Jeremy Pierce.

Commentary Reviews: Introduction - including good links to information about finding the right commentary

Review of Commentaries by Commentary Series

Commentary Recommendations - Intermediate level

Commentary Recommendations - Advanced level

Commentary Review - book by book - Not all books of the bible but a few!

Of course this wouldn't be complete if I didn't give you a link to where you can get a number of good commentaries for free online. From the Theologica blog posted by Chad Gibbons.

Free New Testament commentaries online

Free Old Testament commentaries online

Also see a good listing of free online commentaries from

Links to Hebrew Resources

Links to Greek Resources

Great page with Textual information regarding Biblical Studies